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Revision involves comparing a translation with the original to identify or correct potential discrepancies in content or presentation. The revision process ensures the tone and style of the original have been respected and that the text is coherent and cohesive. We also ensure the text will have an equivalent effect on the target audience.

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“There” instead of “their”… “Your” instead of “you’re”… Do mistakes like this put you off?
They’ll put your clients off, too.

As clients, we search and compare, and when we find the best product, we buy it. We decide what is “best” for us based on a range of factors, such as quality, convenience, price and customer service. However, we sometimes make a decision without even realising it. We perceive some of the aspects that contribute to our decisions subconsciously, and one of these is communication. A poorly written text with spelling and punctuation mistakes, bad grammar or a lack of coherence can have a major impact on clients’ decisions about which product to buy, so don’t leave it to chance:

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If it isn’t part of your job, writing a relatively long text can be tough. Revisions and proofreading are time consuming and often, even after this lengthy process, the end result is not all you might have hoped for. Let us help: all you have to do is explain what you want (and provide reference material if possible) and we’ll do the rest, so you can spend your time doing what you do best.

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Transcription involves converting an audio file into written text. That may sound easy, but it takes time: an hour’s work per 15 minutes of audio, on average. Transcribing an interview of an hour and a half, for example, would take about six hours, and very few people can afford to invest that much time in such a thankless task! Do you need a written transcript of a seminar, speech or interview?

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Project management

Say your company has decided to take the leap and start selling abroad. You have a website you’re proud of, but it’s only in English, so you decide to have it translated into Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Even in the best case scenario, you would have to hire five different people, but as well as the website you want to translate brochures and catalogues, and you need it done fast. That’s where we come in: we analyse the content, identify the best professionals for the job, allocate tasks, give instructions, handle reference material, implement a process to facilitate revision and respond promptly to any doubts the team members may have. To put it another way, we

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