Thinking Side

The human brain comprises two hemispheres. The right brain specialises in sensations, feelings and creativity; this side controls the way we perceive the world. The left brain is responsible for our more logical, rational side, the side that handles maths, figures, writing and speaking; the side, we could say, that houses our power of expression.

A healthy brain needs both sides: it understands ideas and concepts and stores these in non-verbal language, then it translates them into a learned language. The side that processes and translates this information is known as the thinking side.

That’s how our company works: we listen to your ideas (which might not be complete or structured; ideas often aren’t), we make sure we understand them and we process that information to translate it into another language, guaranteeing a professional, meticulous, personalised, timely service. We can help you;

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Who is the face of Thinking Side?

Let me introduce myself: My name is Aída Ramos and I have a degree in English Studies from Universidad de Deusto and a Master’s in Translation from Dublin City University. I’m also a member of the Spanish translators association ASETRAD.

I’ve been living and working in Madrid since 2007, and before I made Thinking Side my full-time project I worked for various companies, including Double O Publishing Services, Jones Lang LaSalle, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation and the Spanish Embassy in New Delhi.

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Do I work alone?

No, far from it: I work with a broad range of freelancers specialising in various fields and languages; like me, they give their all to make sure our clients always receive a product that meets their needs within the desired timeframe.
Like you, I choose to work with the best!


What languages do you work with?

We work mostly with English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, but if your project involves other languages, don’t hesitate to contact us; we work with excellent professionals in many other languages.

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What formats do you work with?

We regularly work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint (and PDF when it can’t be helped), but we can process other formats too.

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How much will it cost?

Our rates depend on the length, complexity, format and urgency of the project.

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I want to translate a website.
Do I need to copy and paste the text into a Word document?

If you’ve got the text in a Word document then great, but if not don’t worry, we’ll analyse your website and find the best way to translate it. Our aim is to make your life easier

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My question isn’t covered here…

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