Transcreation is my speciality: the jewel in my crown. It’s what makes me tick and it’s something that I can (and often do) spend hours talking about...

Some call it creative translation, others advertising or marketing translation, but there is a lot more to it than that: as its name suggests, it is a combination of translation and creation that seeks to recreate a text, making it attractive, appropriate and relevant to a specific target audience. The style and, as far as possible, the structure of the original are respected, but the idea is to reflect emotions and feelings naturally, as if the text had been crafted from scratch in the target language. It calls for great creativity and an exhaustive understanding of both cultures.

Transcreation tends to be used in marketing and advertising, fields in which it is crucial to reach the end client and spur them into action. Done well, transcreation generates trust, empathy, and emotion.

Still not quite clear on what it’s all about?

Let’s take one particular brand, a brand you probably know and one I’m proud to have worked with: LISTERINE.

This well-known mouthwash brand launched a campaign circa 2016 to encourage people to be bolder and more daring. Its core idea in English was Bring out the bold, which does not translate well into Spanish for a number of reasons. One of the issues, for example, is the word bold, which is normally an adjective but does not modify any name in this case…

In cases like this, you need to turn to transcreation to find a solution that conveys the same meaning, is appealing, and moves customers to action.

How was this recreated in Spanish in the end, you might ask?

Cómete el mundo [Eat up the world]

In Spanish:

In English:

I work with both advertising agencies and end clients, and I have helped many major brands to connect with a Spanish audience. How can I help yours?


“Aída is a fantastic professional: we got in touch with her to get our entire website translated into Spanish with really tight deadlines and she went above and beyond to meet all our needs. The result was outstanding and she managed to adapt her translations to the particularities of our industry. We won't hesitate to contact her again in the future.”

Laura Rodríguez Sitel Group®

“Aída is my go-to translator for English-to-Spanish translation and transcreation projects. She's professional, easy to work with, and an overall fabulous translator. I couldn't recommend her more!”

Molly Yurick Spanish to English translator and subtitler | Copywriter

“Aída translated some documents for me. I am really satisfied with the quality of her work and her efficiency, promptness in replying and attention to detail. Thank you so much, Aída.”

Roberto Navero Accountant

“Aída has done a number of translations for me from English into Spanish for my blog. Not only have I been extremely pleased with the results, she has also impressed a number of my readers with the quality of her texts, since they read as if they were originals. Aída delivers her work promptly and is pleasant and professional to deal with. I can only recommend her highly.”

Nikki Graham Spanish to English translator, reviser and proof-editor

“Aida translated a brochure for my company. Her attention to detail is faultless and she fully respected my tight deadline. I have received several complements on the brochure and I would happily use her services again.”

Louise Souter French and Spanish into English translator and copywriter

“I have worked for Aída on a number of occasions and she has showed excellent translation project management skills, she is highly professional and provides excellent support during the entire translation process. It is a pleasure to work with her.”

Alexandra Stephens Freelance translator and language specialist

“Aída contacted me to collaborate on a large translation project. I was most impressed by her ability to handle the project in a very organised fashion while also dealing with other projects of her own. She was happy to answer any queries and very helpful and easy to reach at all times. I would be very happy to work with her again.”

Carla Davidson Freelance translator

“Aída’s professionalism is remarkable. We’ve hired her services on several occasions and we’ve always been fully satisfied with the quality of her work. Not only is she a great translator, but also has a natural talent for managing large-scale projects.”

Javier Velázquez International Department - Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A.

“I’ve had the chance to work with Aída over the past few years in different situations and, in all of them, she’s always shown qualities —professionalism, seriousness and a passion for what she does— that make her an excellent translator.”

Rubén Fernández Freelance translator

“Aída is a great professional and a pleasure to work with. She responds to queries promptly and provides excellent quality translations, always on time.”

S.L.B. Senior consultant at a PR agency

“If we were to highlight something about Aída, it would be her sense of responsibility, her positive attitude to work and her affability. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Directorate General for Translation European Commission

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